"Fleur de Lys", Hailsham From Country Inn …. To Town Council Hall The fascinating history of the Tudor building in Market Street,Hailsham, dating from 1540, the 2nd oldest house in the Town.
"Fleur de Lys", HailshamFrom Country Inn …. To Town Council Hall    The fascinating history of the Tudor building      in Market Street,Hailsham, dating from 1540, the 2nd oldest house in the Town.

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This book describes the fascinating history of the Tudor building in Market Street, Hailsham, which dates from 1540, the second oldest house in the Town. The book traces its life from a country Inn ("Flower de Luce") to a cioaching inn, then Poorhouse to Workhouse, to Infirmary, then into four business units until the "Great Fire" of 1889, and Hailsham's first Fire Station plus the many trades and functions since then. In all, 480 years of the social history of Hailsham wih interesting and hidden facts about the innkeepers and the building itself, together with a look at Hailsham's 'Union' Workhouse.


This book is moderately priced at £10 (plus £3 p & p)

ISBN:-  978-0-9569155-2-8


It is available from the following local suppliers:

  • The Link Coffee Shop, Market Square, Hailsham.
  • The Camera Centre, 53 High Street, Hailsham
  • Hailsham Town Council, Fleur de Lys, Hailsham
  • Hailsham Heritage Museum, Blackman's Yard, Hailsham


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